Health Risks Caused By Missing Teeth

If you lose a tooth as an adult, you may be worried about your smile. But, believe it or not, missing teeth can be a health risk, too. David Jin, DDS, of A Beautiful Smile Dentistry in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and Boston, Massachusetts, helps patients improve their smiles and health at the same time.

Health risks caused by missing teeth

If you don’t seek treatment for missing teeth, you could be setting yourself up for serious health consequences, including heart disease.

Bone loss

Your jawbone can deteriorate if you’re missing teeth in a certain area. This happens because the human body is very efficient. Without the need to support and nourish teeth, it focuses on the remaining teeth. This may cause your cheeks to look sunken as they lose support from the jawbone, too. Also, your remaining teeth can shift or tilt, leading to crooked or overcrowded teeth or a misalignment in your bite.

Gum disease

If your jawbone shrinks, your gums may recede. This makes it easier for bacteria to get into the gums and surrounding tissue, which can lead to bad breath, inflammation, or an infection. When not treated, these oral health issues could lead to heart disease or bacterial infections in the bloodstream.

Speech problems

When teeth are missing, it’s harder to form words properly. You may develop a speech impediment and a hit to your self-confidence.

Damage to remaining teeth

It may be difficult to chew food. Crunching on raw vegetables at book club, a handful of nuts out on the trail, or eating a thick steak for dinner may not be as enjoyable as they once were. Also, as you chew there will be extra pressure on your remaining teeth. This wears them out faster and makes them vulnerable to cracking.

These health issues can be prevented by making an appointment with Dr. Jin soon after losing a tooth. He’ll evaluate your oral health and recommend a plan of action. We offer emergency services, too.

How dental implants can help

Dental implants are one of the best ways to combat teeth loss and maintain your overall health. They help maintain the bone structure of your jaw, help you eat and talk normally, and act as a barrier to harmful bacteria. 

If you’ve recently lost a tooth, it’s time to take action to prevent serious health issues down the road. Make an appointment with Dr. Jin by using our convenient online booking tool or by calling today.

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