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If you’ve been troubled with oral health issues, but dental drills and shots make you anxious, perhaps it’s time for you to learn more about the advantages of laser dentistry. David Jin, DDS, and the caring team at A Beautiful Smile Dentistry in Fort Lee, New Jersey, offer the advantage of laser dentistry in a caring environment. Find out if this noninvasive, light-based treatment is right for you by calling or scheduling an online consultation today.

Laser Dentistry Q & A

What is laser dentistry?

Lasers produce a narrow, intense beam of light energy. This light energy can take the form of pulses or waves, which Dr. Jin uses to remove or shape the tissues in your mouth and heat your teeth to speed the whitening process.

Lasers are a safe and effective treatment for an assortment of dental procedures. Dental lasers are frequently used in conjunction with other dental instruments to treat a range of oral health conditions. However, unlike some instruments, dental lasers cut down on any bleeding and sometimes make drills, anesthesia, and sutures unnecessary.

Compared to traditional treatments, your total healing time may be shorter with laser dentistry. The treatment may also reduce your risk of infection.

What does laser dentistry treat?

Dental lasers work on both hard surfaces, like your teeth, and soft tissues, like your gums. Here are some of the conditions that laser dentistry can help with:

  • Reducing the pain of canker sores and cold sores.
  • Trimming overgrown tissue on the gums
  • Treating infections in root canals
  • Exposing partially erupted wisdom teeth
  • Removing tooth decay
  • Treating gum disease
  • Taking a tissue sample during a biopsy
  • Reshaping gums and bone
  • Speeding up teeth whitening

What should I expect during laser dentistry?

Your experience during your treatment session depends on what kind of oral care you need. Some lasers are designed to work on your teeth while others can treat your gums and soft tissues. To protect your eyes from the laser light. Dr. Jin asks you to wear special glasses during your treatment.

You might find laser dentistry makes you feel less anxious than you typically might feel during a dental treatment. You may not need a shot to numb your mouth and can avoid the stress and pain of that experience. What’s more, the laser is far less noisy than a dental drill, which can also calm any anxiety you might have about going to the dentist.

If you care about your smile and want to explore a stress-free option for great oral health, call or schedule a consultation online with Dr. Jin and find out if laser dentistry is right for you.

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