Smile Direct Club Closed

Smile Direct Club Closed:  A Beautiful Smile Dentistry is here to help with Smile Direct Club Orphans

We will apply 50% of your Smile Direct Club payment towards your new treatment. (up to $500 off our promotional price)

We've all heard the news about Smile Direct Club's closure, which has left many patients with interrupted treatment and without a clear path forward. At A Beautiful Smile Dentistry, we would like to help all patients who are stranded in this debacle. We will help you to accomplish your dreams of achieving healthy, A Beautiful Smiles.

Here is how we would like to help: (those affected Smile Direct Club patients)

  • FREE consultation in your office to assess their progress and discuss what options you have to achieve your desired results.
  • Provide you with discount incentives (up to $1500) toward the real Invisalign treatment.
  • or Provide 50% rebate on what you have already paid Smile Direct Club
  • or an additional $500 off our current promotion
  • As always, we at A Beautiful Smile Dentistry are here to help. For more information, please call (201)224-4400

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