Best Invisalign™ in Fort Lee, NJ for only $3,950*

Invisalign™ is better for your health - click here we will show you how

A Beautiful Smile Dentistry offers state-of-the-art technology for your Invisalign™ treatments. From your first consultation appointment to your last Invisalign™ appointment, you will always feel the tender loving care A Beautiful Smile Dentistry provides. Our cost of Invisalign is: best cost of Invisalign is $3950.

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    Invisalign - what is it? 

    Is a mouthful of metal really better than crooked, misaligned teeth? What if you could avoid both?

    At A Beautiful Smile Dentistry, Dr. David Jin, DDS, and his team of Invisalign® Experts is here to help with your teeth alignment treatments that will reveal your perfect smile without the annoyance of braces.

    Invisalign® is better than braces for patients' overall oral health, according to Dr. Jin—and the American Dental Association.

  • iTero 5D Dental Scanner for Invisalign Impression

    Invisalign Consultation appointment is always Complementary, FREE

    We like to make it to be your easiest appointment with absolutely no buying pressure.

    When you are gathering information about your new smile, we like to help to remove all obsticles, and that's why we are happy to provide you with a FREE consultation appointment. In this appointment you will get to see a simulation of your new smile. That's before you spend a penny.

  • Our Invisalign Expert will show you how

    Invisalign Expert

    Each Invisalign™ patient will be assigned an Invisalign Expert™

    Your personal Invisalign Concierge™ will be holding your hand through your entire Invisalign Experience™. From your initial visit until you have completed your treatment and beyond. Your assigned Invisalign Expert will be there for you even after your treatment to answer any question that may arrise.

    Question can be as simple as 'how to put them?' or'how to clean them?' Your Invisalign Expert has all the answers.

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    Consultation includes:

    • Review of your medical history
    • Review of your dental history
    • Oral cancer screening exam
    • "Limited" dental examination: for the purpose of Invisalign™ treatment only
    • iTero™ scan: a 5th generation digital 3D video intraoral scanner that can record and then display your current dental condition in 3D
    • review your dentition and devise the best outcome for your current situation
  • Best Invisalign Records

    Invisalign™ Records

    The following is a list of requirements before your Invisalign™ treatment. It is a requirement because it will guarantee the best outcome possible.
    There are fees associated with these serves and most Dental Insurance will provide coverage. We will accept x-ray images if they are within 1 year.

    • Complete medical health review
    • Full Dental Examination
    • 3D CBCT x-ray: need to make sure there are no surprises hiding in your jaw bone
    • Thorough teeth cleaning: need to make sure you are infection free
    • Complete and necessary dental work: absolutely no cavities
  • Wearing Best Invisalign in NJ

    Invisalgn™ Treatment

    This process is simple!!!
    All you need is to wear your trays.

    You will be assign a personal Invisalign Expert who will be there for you throughout your entire happy journey to A Beautiful Smile. Our Invisalign Expert were prior patients as well, therefore  he or she will help you with any questions that may come up.    

    • Trays are to be worn basically 24/7
    • Remove the trays when eating
    • Brush and floss before putting back in
    • Only clear water with trays in mouth
  • How much is Invisalign: $3950

    Invisalgn™ Cost: SIMPLE

    We like to keep your cost simple!!!
    There will be no surprises.

    Basic Invisalign is $3,950*

    Comprehensive Invisalign is $4,950*

    Treatment includes:

    • iTero Digital Dental Record
    • Treatment plan and review
    • Sets of all Invisalign™ Trays
    • One (1) set of Retainer (not Vivera™)
    • One (1) Refinement treatment
    • One (1) Teeth Whitening Kit
    • Ability to upgrade to Vivera™
    • Qualify for unlimited $250 referral credit
    • Qualify for Invisalign Competitor Credit™
    • Straight teeth assurance for 3 years
    • Happy Smile for LIFE

  • Invisalign is affordable

    Insurance/Payment Plan

    Most major Dental Insurance may have adult Orthodontic coverage. Let our Invisalign Experts help you find out.

    For those without Insurance coverage we do accept the following

    • Cash
    • Checks
    • Most Major Credit Cards
    • CareCredit*
    • Affordable No Interest Financing*

    Please ask your Invisalign Expert to find out which plan is most suitable for you.

    * Fees are a little higher with these payment forms.

  • Invisalign Smile is a Beautiful Smile

    Life after Invisalign™

    Smile!!! go and show off your beautiful smile...

    To keep your smile, you will need retainers. Invisalign™ offers Vivera™.

    Vivera™ is a process that will save you money in the long run. Vivera Retainers™ comes in a set of 4. This is how you will use them:

    • Tray1: you will wear 24/7 for 3 months
    • Tray2: wear night time only for 3 months
    • Tray3: the real retainer (up to 2 years)
    • Tray4: use only to check any shifting

    If you experience any shifting, simply keep tray 4 in for a period of no less than 4 weeks to remind your teeth where they need to be.
    Most important of all, when you do use Tray 4, it's time to order a new set of Vivera.

    simple tip in keep your smile forever

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