Best Dental Implant in Fort Lee, NJ for only $1,950*

Dental Implant is simply your third set of teeth

A Beautiful Smile Dentistry will offer you the best solution to your missing tooth (missing teeth) replacement options. From your first consultation appointment to your last implant appointment, you will always feel the tender loving care from our caring dentist and team members.

  • How much is Dental Implant? $1850

    Dental Implant Surgery Cost: $1950*

    Dental Implant cost is very complex!
    It all depends on what your needs are.
    Let's break it down for you:

    Dental implant surgery price is $1,950* per implant placement, but that's a small part of dental implant process.

    What else do you need:

    • 3D-CBCT xray - $385 - to see and sound the bone where the implant needed
    • Connector for crown $650 to $1,250 - provides a platform where a restoration can be mounted on
    • Crown over Implant $2450 to $2950


    Our all inclusive Implant package price is $4950 per tooth

    *must mention this site for special pricing
    *price subject to change without notice

  • real cost of Dental Implant is more than just a placement

    Real Cost of Dental Implant - Straight talk

    Real cost of Dental Implant is more than just an implant placement. Just like constructing a house, it requires proper planning and use of different specialties to work together in making the final product that is both functional and aesthetic.
    At A Beautiful Smile Dentisty, we are able to offer all of these work under one-roof, so you don't have to shop from one specialist to the next. We are here to save you money and time.

    Other possible Costs:

      Common additional procedures:

    • Removal of a tooth/root $395 to $850
    • Bone repair $650 to 1350
    • Bridge sectioning $295-$650
    • Sinus lift - vertical $950 - $1450
    • Temporary tooth(teeth) $750 - $1750

  • Invisalign is affordable

    Insurance/Payment Plan for Dental Implant

    While Most major Dental Insurance do not provide coverage for dental implant related services, some might; and some Medical Insurance may even pick up the tab on some of the procedures. At A Beautiful Smile Dentistry, our financial experts will help you in finding out the maximum amount of benefit you may have from your insurances.

    In addition to your insurance coverage we do accept the following:

    • Cash*
    • Checks
    • Most Major Credit Cards
    • CareCredit™ with Zero Down
    • Affordable No Interest payment plan

    We are here to help you with all your insurance needs.

  • Dental Implant Information

    What is Dental Implant? 

    Dental Implant is a way to replace a missing tooth or a bunch of missing teeth. Some of us calls it our third set of teeth.

    Teeth sometimes that are broken beyond a normal repair will frequently need to be removed. We shall not leave the space empty. Empty space will frequently lead to:

    • Shifting of adjacent teeth
    • Super-erruption of opposing teeth
    • Uneveness of teeth and bite
    • Collapsing of your bite (jaw)
    • Excess wear and tear on other teeth

    Dental Implant is often the best replacement option for missing teeth. American Dental Association.

  • Dental Implant Simple

    Dental Implant has
    basically 3 parts

    1) the Implant body
    This is what goes into your bone and create an anchorage for the rest of the super-structure (tooth or teeth).
    Inside the implant body is usually a hex pattern with a screw hole to be used to tighten on the Connector.

    2) the Connector
    This middle section has 2 parts, the connector itself and a screw. The screw is what holds the connector in place onto the implant body
    this provides an extension onto the implant where a crown can be fitted on

    3) the Crown (or restorations)
    Last but not least, this is what you get to see and use in your mouth when everything is complete. A crown will make your mouth complete.

  • Best All-on-4 All on 4 Implant Dentist

    All on 4 Implants
    replace all your teeth

    $30,000 to $45,000 each arch
    Implant is better than Dentures. One of the most common teeth replacement procedure for those who are wearing dentures is an All-On-Four (All-on-4).
    Depending on cost and patient's preferences, the teeth can be either fixed (not removable) or removable. Either way, they will fit, function and smile with confidence.

    Implant Supported Denture
    $18,000 to $25,000 each arch
    is another advanced way of delivering A Beautiful Smile at a fraction of the cost of All-On-4. Your new denture will be secured with 4 Locator™ abutments/clips combinations. This way you don't have to worry about your denture falling out of your mouth, and you can enjoy corn on the cob or bite into an apple.

  • Dental Implant Expert - Trusted Implant Doctor Dentist

    You can count on us

    Dental Implant is an invasive surgery. It involves drilling into your jaw bone and possibly altering your sinus. To give yourself the best chance of success, you need Dr. Jin. With his 29+ years of Clinical and Surgical experience, he will give you the best chance of success.

    Dr. Jin is consider as the expert and a trusted source by many of his peers, and he has taught implant surgery to many doctors nation wide. He is currently an affiliated instructor for Hackensack University Medical Center, and a lecturer for Patterson Dental, Sirona Dental, Hiossen Implant, Staumann Impalnt. He had numerous speaking engagement at various Dental Convenction and was a guest speaker at Havard University Dental School and Tufts Dental School.

  • Free Implant Consultation - free dental implant consultation

    Consultation is on us

    Our time is valuable, so is yours. Since you are going to take time off from your busy life to see us, the least we can do is to provide a complimentary consulation.

      During your visit you shall expect:

    • Review of your medical history
    • Review of your dental history
    • Bring your x-rays if you have them
      - consultation do not include xrays
      - additional charge if xrays are needed
    • Oral cancer screening exam
    • "Limited" dental examination: for the purpose of Implant treatment only
    • iTero™ scan: a 5th generation digital 3D video intraoral scanner that can record and then display your current dental condition in 3D
    • review your dentition and devise the best outcome for your current situation
  • Implant Smile is a Beautiful Smile

    Living with Implants

    Smile!!! go and show off your beautiful smile...


    To keep your smile, you will need to keep them clean. Unlike natural teeth, implant teeth has no feelings, and therefore they won't be able to tell you when something is going wrong until it's too late. This is the most important reason why one you get implant, your third set of teeth, you'd better start taking care of them the best you can.

    Our rule is very simple:
    1 implant, normal check-up and cleaning - once every 6 months
    2 to 3 implants: check-up and cleaning - once every 4 months
    4 or more implants: check-up and cleaning - once every 3 months or more often if deemed necessary.

    Most important of all, if you have any issues, please do not hesitate to call us at 201-224-4400.

    We build SMILEs a Beautiful Smile at a time

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