Zoom™ Advanced Teeth whitening $410*

Teeth whitening can give you the brightest, healthiest smile for that upcoming special occasion

Our Fort Lee, NJ office has the best teeth whitening technique for your smile — in one visit!

The benefits of Teeth Whitening at ABS Dentistry in NJ

  • Getting ready for a big day? Our teeth whitening has immediate results
  • Teeth Whitening in an hour: yes we can whiten your teeth in 1 hour
  • No harm to enamel, no long term sensitivity
  • ADA and FDA Approved
  • *current promotional price of $450 minus $40 Zoom™ rebate
    (limited time offer, may expire without prior notice or announcement).

What whitening can and can’t do:

Generally, yellowed teeth respond exceptionally well to ABS Dentistry’s Zoom™ Advanced teeth whitening technique. Heavy brownish and gray stains caused by smoking or tea or coffee drinking are excellent candidates for our teeth whitening. However, other types of discoloring are less responsive, including hereditary or drug stains such as tetracycline or fluorosis.

Tooth bleaching may not provide sufficient enhancement of your smile if your front teeth have old crowns, old bonding or tooth-colored fillings. The whitener will not positively affect these materials, and they will not match your newly whitened smile as well. In these cases, we can help you investigate other options, such as replacing those worn old fillings or even porcelain veneers.

Why should I see a dentist about teeth whitening?

Unlike many other offices offering whitening services, A Beautiful Smile Dentistry’s Teeth Bleach exceeds the FDA and ADA standard for best teeth whitening in the safest way.

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Not all teeth whitening techniques are effective!

Before getting your teeth whitened, consult with our qualified dentist.

Our team of dentists can anticipate any challenges or sensitivities a whitening procedure may cause, including root damage — saving you time, discomfort, and money. And we’ll instruct you on how to keep your new smile bright for years to come.

Schedule a teeth cleaning and whitening session today!

Are all teeth whitening the same? NO!

Don’t be fooled! Why should you go to a dentist’s office for teeth whitening when other services, like off-the-shelf products and procedures, are cheaper?

Facilities that operate outside the dental profession may rely on other than ADA approved ingredients such as citric acid to whiten teeth. This is simply because they are not licensed to prescribe and use prescription strength teeth bleach material. Citric acid may permanently damage your teeth’s protective enamel which may lead to permanent hypersensitivity of your teeth to hot and cold.

Off-the-shelf teeth whitening strips use much-much weaker strength of whitening material in order for them to stay below the minimum prescription (Rx). It is therefore less effective bleach that takes many-many repeated unsupervised home treatments to provide similar results.

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The Academy of General Dentistry recommends dental supervision for any whitening treatment.

At A Beautiful Smile Dentistry, we use safe, professional bleach to achieve your safest, brightest, longest-lasting smile.

How does teeth whitening work?

  • Book an appointment with A Beautiful Smile Dentistry in New Jersey.
  • Let our dental professionals assess your teeth and plan your treatment.
  • Enjoy your best smile, guaranteed!